Rurik Graystone

Dwarf Agent turned Trollslayer


Rurik of clan Graystone was responsible for the trade interests of the Graystone in Reikland. He was thus granted quite extensive funds to secure good deals. Being a consummate gambler and hedonist he subsequently squandered all of the funds on gambling and partying. He then tried to use the old half-forgotten grudge against clan Bartok to squeeze this clan for more money. An attempt that failed due to the stalwart efforts of the players.

Rurik lost hos temper in the tribunal and attacked Ruk with his axe. After losing his hand and honour he was then forced to take the Slayer oath and begin the long trek to Karak Kadrin.

Status: Fiende
Plats: Okänd (senast sedd när han lämnade Altdorf på väg österut)

Rurik Graystone

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