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Är lika pålitliga som personen som berättade det.

[Weissbruck] {Townsfolk} Crown Prince Hergard Von Tasseninck – the only son and heir of Grand Prince Hals Von Tasseninck, the ruler of Ostland – has been killed in the Grey Mountains.

[Weissbruck] {Delfgruber miners} Crown Prince Wolfgang Holswig-Abenauer – heir to the imperial throne – is being held prisoner in his own castle at the orders of the Emperor. It’s for his own protection really, it’s well known that his brothers are out to have him assassinated.

[Weissbruck] {Delfgruber miners} There are weird creatures living in tunnels close to the great cities in the Empire. The Nobles and Priest don’t want us to talk about it, but these creatures are in fact the fabled ratmen that stalk the poor people in the night.

[Castle Reikguard: Village] {Merchant} Emperor Karl-Franz has fallen ill in some unknown disease. All hell could break lose if he dies, because it’s well known that his heir – Prince Wolfgang – is a complete imbecile, and the other Electors are unlikely to accept his accession.

[Castle Reikguard: Village] {Merchant} The Prince isn’t a prisoner, but he won’t let anyone in (except to deliver food) because he’s a raving lunatic. He was always a bit simple and now he’s gone completely round the bend.

[Castle Reikguard: Village] {Villager} There’s a ghost ship on the river Reik that travels during nights without any sails and without any crew. A boat full of Riverwardens were sent from Kemperbad to investigate the boat, but they all disappeared along with their boat.


Kan betraktas som sanning för det mesta, information ni hittat i skrift, eller som är allmänt känd.

Fader Naive berättar:
Lik har hittats i Reik, 2 dagar från Kemperbad till Nuln. Halsarna avslitna.
I Kemperbad, för ett par år sedan blev von Apfelhelms överfallen i sitt hem. En överlevande, tjänaren Hans Schwartz. Han såg huggtänder. Hjälptes av läkaren Max Schnippendorf.

Hans Schwartz bor på en gård utanför Grissenwald.


[Weissbruck – Elvyras hus]

[Altdorf – Cultists]
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[South of Castle Reikguard – Signal tower]
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[South of Castle Reikguard – Signal tower cellar]

[Black Peaks – Etelka’s tower]

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